How To Install A Dishwasher

How to Replace a Dishwasher

Replacing your old dishwasher can be done with some common household tools. Still, please note if you are not comfortable with the process call a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician instead to do the job.

There are a few tools you will need that are listed below, also please note that these are instructions how to install the plumbing side of the dishwasher and the electric side of the job you will need an electrician or read on how to properly wire your dishwasher from a how-to guide on another site or in a book. Repacing and installing a dishwasher - plumbing services san antonio -

Please also note that this is how to replace the dishwasher after the electricity has been shut off and the dishwasher has been removed from the cabinet ( Usually 2 screws under the countertop)

Tools you will need:

Crescent wrench or open-end wrench
Pipe tubing cutter
Channel Locks or water pump pliers
Pipe Dope or thread sealant
Teflon tape on a roll, 1/2 inch most effective
Flat Head or common screwdriver
Utility knife

Here are the steps for the Plumbing side of the job ( Please note: electricity should be shut off and disconnected at this point.

Step One
Turn the water off to the dishwasher, This can either be done using the dishwasher feed valve under the kitchen sink or by shutting the water main down for the house. Not all homes will have a dishwasher valve under the sink and this may require you to shut the whole house off when replacing this unit. Most older houses have no valves, but new homes now require dishwasher stops or valves under the sink.

Step Two
Now that the water is off remove the copper water supply line from under the dishwasher that is connected to the “dishwasher elbow”. The elbow is made of brass and will have a nut that you will simply turn to loosen and remove the line.

Step Three
Now that the water feed line is disconnected, you will be removing the dishwasher drain line that will be connected under the sink to the tailpiece that comes down from the basin drain. This is usually a black rubber hose that you will see attached to the tailpiece and attached by a simple hose clamp.

At this point your electric (done by the electrical contractor), and the water feed lines and the drain lines are all disconnected, now you will simply slide the old dishwasher to the side and your dishwasher is now ready to be tossed aside and the new one is ready to be installed.

Step Four
To install the new dishwasher reverse these steps and then have the electrical contractor come back and reconnect the electric and you will be on your way to enjoying your new dishwasher.

Once again if any of this makes you nervous or you feel uncomfortable with any step, please call a licensed professional instead.

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